Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Russian bots debate US gun control laws

Considering all that Vladimir Putin’s Russian regime has done to destabilize America with trolling, all red blooded Americans, hackers or not, should UBERTROLL Putin’s upcoming election campaign with an "Anyone but Putin" campaign. Any language is good but Russian would be the best. Translation software exists for short trolls.

Sunday, 5 February 2017

Re; Feb. 4-5 National Days of Action Against Islamophobia and Deportations

I have been involved in Social justice since the 1980s and protests since the 1970s. I have refused to sign the petition of the above mentioned as it demands the repeal of the Zero tolerance Barbaric Cultural Practices Act. This is an act that forbids Honour killings, forced marriages, etc. This is stashed among the higher objectives. Back in the 70s this kind of trick was used to con me into signing a petition against cruel seal hunts that turned out to be about overthrowing The capitalist system. One must be careful to read these petitions.